Nashville TN 37205

Nashville which can also be called the Music city or Athens of the south is a beautiful, peaceful and calm city that you will love to live in, this city is a wonder to the world due to activities such as music, banking, transportation, and education. This beautiful city in the 37205 zip code is a city that sits on the Cumberland River in the north central part of Tennessee in the U.S. and also is the seat of the Davidson county.

The city of Nashville was founded in 1779 but since 1963 it has been running a consolidated city-county government and this includes a two-tier system with six smaller municipalities. Nashville is a city governed by a mayor, vice-mayor and a 40-member metropolitan council and this city has a consolidated city-county population of 684,410.

History Of Nashville (or click here to learn more about Chiropractor Nashville TN 37205)

Nashville was founded in 1779 and it will interest you to know that this beautiful city was founded by John Donelson, James Robertson and also a party of overmountain men and it was named by the great American war hero Francis Nash. The city of Nashville in the 37205 zip code became a city and county seat of Davidson county of Tennessee in the year 1843.

City Sites

This city has parks such as Shelby park, Centennial park, Cumberland park, and it is good to know that these parks encourage activities such as sailing, water skiing, boating, and fishing. The city loves music so music venues are one of the things you want to see on your visit to Nashville for a vacation.


Nashville citizens move by cars, commuters, and buses, this city has a very good road network and is located at the crossroads of three interstate highways and it also has a lot of pikes. Buses are provided by the Metropolitan Transit Authority all thanks to a newly built hub station and a lot of plans have been made for a possible expansion. There is an airport located in Nashville and it is called the Nashville International Airport and it is exciting to know that this airport used to be a hub for American Airlines in 1986 and 1995 but now it is a focus city for Southwest Airlines. The city of Nashville introduced commuters in 2006 and the city commuter rail system is called the Music Star.


This is a city that has great love and support for education and this city has a lot of private schools and there are public schools, colleges and universities, so if education is what you need in a city then Nashville must be a city for You.

Nashville — Just For You

Nashville is a good city to live in or visit due to its peaceful, quiet and calm environment and the people are also very hospitable and always willing to welcome new people so Nashville is just the right city for You.