Nashville TN 37209

Nashville Tennessee is found on the River of Cumberland in Davidson County, which is within the north central part of the state. Nashville, TN is considered an important center for the good music, good health care, the right banking system, good transportation network as well as publishing industries, along with a great number of educational degree institutes and universities. When you are in the 37209 area of Nashville Tennessee city, you can delve into the various Nashville Tennessee attractions of enjoying an appropriate picture of the place.

Top Nashville Tennessee attractions (or click here to learn more about Chiropractor Nashville TN 37209)

Parthenon – Adorning the center of Centennial Park, the Parthenon is one of Nashville’s first ever urban parks. The main attraction of this good place is the forty two-foot Athena statue. Once get here, you start feeling the influence of Greek strong enough as you notice the classical Greek architecture in the building as well as the Athena statue, which are complete replicas of their original Greek counterparts.

The Parthenon also houses some of the excellent artworks by the great American artists of the 19th and 20th centuries. It includes as many as 63 beautiful paintings here. You can also enjoy the art shows and exhibitions that are sometimes held here.

Belmont Mansion – Constructed by Adelice, in the era of the1850s, this Italian mansion is one of the top Nashville Tennessee attractions. Originally built as a summer resort, the building is considered to be Nashville’s most stylish historic villa, which is open to the visitors. Its majestic salon is surely one of the best and most opulently embellished chambers among all the historic homes in Nashville Tennessee. When you move around the house rooms, you can view the antique pieces, artwork, and marble sculptures. You can also pick up some souvenirs from the gift shop in this city which has a plethora of art pieces.

Museum of Art and Cheek Botanical Garden – One of the wonderful Nashville Tennessee visitor’s attractions, the Cheek wood Museum of Art and Garden was created by the Maxwell the House of Coffee fortune over the location of the 55-acre estate. A stunning storehouse of vivid colors and horticultural variety, this Botanical Garden has as many as ten specific display gardens as well as an abundance of beautiful natural landscapes. Once here, you won’t miss enjoying the British as well as American Decorative Arts, the Museum of Artwork with American collection Collections and Modern day Sculpture Painting and the Traveling Exhibitions and a stunning Faberge exhibition.

Nashville Zoo – Here in Nashville Zoo you may choose to stroll through a verdant awning of bamboo, encounter a white leopard, give food to the parrots, and explore the far stretches of the grand Amazon. Also come face to face with the poison arrow frogs, elephants from African, Bengal tigers, zebras, red pandas, giraffes, gibbons and meerkats,. For some breaks in between, you can take the spin on the non-domestic Animal Carousel, check out the huge Jungle Gym put over the large area of 66,000 sq, or you can just travel backward in time when you’re at the Grass mere Historic farm and home.

Country Music Hall of Museum and Fame – If you you’re music lover, and more specifically, hard rock then hop directly to the hall of Country Music Fame and Museum. Browse through the original song manuscripts, singers’ stage costumes, personal items, instruments of music. You will be mesmerized by the personal belongings of music stars such as, Elvis’ solid gold Cadillac.

Some Nashville Tennessee attractions you may know also:

• Opryland Hotel Indoor Garden and Collections

• Wave Country

• Adventure Science Center

• Grand Ole Opry Museum

• Bicentennial Mall State Park

• Nashville War Memorial Auditorium

• Tennessee State Capitol Building

Make sure to visit the various Nashville Tennessee attractions to have a complete tour of the city. If you are visiting Nashville, there are a ton of great places to visit. I attended school in Nashville for four years and was very reluctant to leave the city. I fell in love with Nashville and its Southern charm.

Here are few great things to do in Nashville.

The buttermilk biscuits alone are worth the drive. They have a smoker and smoke all their meats daily. The pulled pork is phenomenal

Another great breakfast establishment is Pancake Pantry in Hillsboro Village. This pancake house has about 20 different types of pancakes, and they are all delicious. The place is notorious for its long lines, so be prepared to wait about a half hour if you go. Trust me though, its worth it.

Nashville, Tn is one of the hottest real estate markets in the country right now. There’s a good reason for this too. Forbes Magazine rated Nashville as one of the “Best Big Cities for Jobs .” Home values in the city have hit an all-time high and there is a shortage of home inventory because of the demand to live in Nashville is so great. With this in mind, homebuyers need to be able to determine where they want to live quickly, so they have a chance to secure the property they want, because many homes are receiving multiple offers right now.

There are a couple of neighborhoods in particular that are seeing great interest from homebuyers. East Nashville, Sylvan Park, 12 South and Germantown are a few of these areas that have exploded onto the scene and have experienced a nice revitalization. Of these neighborhoods, East Nashville may have seen the most improvement. It also offers some of the best restaurants you can find in the city of Nashville.

A trip to Nashville would not be complete without visiting Downtown Nashville. The bright lights and loud music are a big part of the reason the city is nicknamed “NashVegas”. When downtown, be sure to visit Lonnie’s Western Room, a great karaoke spot. The Stage is another great Nashville bar that always has live music.

Another Nashville landmark is the Grand Ole Opry. If you drive out to Opryland, be sure to check out the massive hotel. It is quite amusing. Be sure to look up a schedule of upcoming acts at the Opry and check out ticket prices before visiting.

Finally, if you are in Nashville on a nice spring, fall or summer day, be sure to check out the beautiful Vanderbilt University campus. It is a gorgeous campus and is also a national arboretum.