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Back pain is a common health problem for middle aged adults lower back pain mattressand seniors. Pain may be chronic or acute. Even young adults who are spending eight hours and more sitting for five days a week and rarely engaging in any substantial physical activity over the weekends are experiencing back pain. There are many causes and thus types of back pain. Since back pain can become chronic and make way for plenty of other health conditions, it is best to seek some effective intervention immediately.

Let us first explore the causes of back pain and then we can explore how chiropractic treatment is an ideal remedy.

Causes of Back Pain

Prolonged Sittinglower back spinal stenosis massage

Prolonged sitting is the primary cause of back pain for most people. The saying “Sitting is the new smoking,” is becoming a reality for many Americans. Sitting for six to eight hours, either at a stretch or a few minutes break every couple of hours exerts a phenomenal amount of pressure on the spine that it is not biologically programmed to endure. Most jobs today require people to sit at one place. Even back home, most people like to laze on the couch watching television and then there is obesity. With greater body weight, the thrust exerted on the spine is increased exponentially.

Lower back pain from sitting jobs at desks

In today’s world many of us sit at desks for hours and hours at a time. You may work from home or at a doctor’s office, or in a corporate office or cubicle. Sitting is considered the new smoking. Being sedentary at a desk is not good for your spine. Some things you can do are to set an alarm to get up and stretch every 30 to 45 minutes. You can also have your workplace verify your desk set up is ergonomically correct. Chairs support can make a difference as can the level of your monitor if you are looking at a computer.

Prolonged standing can also cause back pain.

Anything in its extreme form is undesirable. Running all day is not exactly good for health. The human body is programmed to endure certain levels of physical stress. Whenever the body is exposed to any stress that it is incapable of bearing, it will show signs. One of these signs is back pain.

Driving for long hours

Sitting in a vehicle for long hours is also a common cause of back pain. Many modern cars have excellent seats and they provide comfort while you are sitting but then the exercise of driving and the sedentary lifestyle is not really conducive to your spine or backbone. Effectively, you will have back pain.

Musculoskeletal Disorders

Different kinds of arthritis, injuries, spinal problems, herniated disc or slipped disc, pinched nerve and inflamed tissues along the spine or the back, sore and weak hip flexor muscles among many other health ailments can also cause or facilitate back pain. It is also possible that back pain is a referred pain.

Regardless of the cause of back pain, you can opt for chiropractic treatment. With spinal adjustments, physical therapy, massage, back strengthening exercises, posture correction, and minor changes to lifestyle, you can not only get relief from back pain but you can effectively bid adieu to it in a few weeks.

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Dr. Bearden wrote a book that includes simple exercises patients can do to increase strength and flexibility in their backs. he book is entitled The Chiropractic Way to Health: the Ultimate Self-help Guide for Chiropractic Patientsand is available on Amazon or at his West Nashville office.


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