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Action Spine and Joint is the best chiropractic care in Nashville, TN. The latest top notch equipment.  5 Stars!!!!!

After 25 yrs of driving a school bus, Dr. Casey diagnosed me with spinal stenosis. A disc was pinching the sciatic nerve, making it very painful to walk most of the time. The recommendations were using the decompression table to start reliving the pressure on the the nerve. With the first few treatments I began to feel relief. Experiencing the healing of the Class IV laser as well, has really made such a change that I also sleep better than I have in 10 yrs. not waking up to feel miserable anymore.

I will continue to drive an hour and a half one way 2 times a week because of the great progress I make with every visit. I could never thank Dr. Casey, Dr. Josh and the staff of Action Spine and Joint for helping me to gain the mobility and core strength that I have never had before. You guys are the greatest in my book!!

Paula Owen

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