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Best Bars in Nashville

Nashville, the capital city of Tennessee is one of the most exciting places to live in or visit. It is the home of country music and as such music and bars form the backbone of the local entertainment activities. More Nashville bar information. Some of the best moments in Nashville are spent in bars; drinking, listing to music, Footloose dancing and much more. If you will be moving to Nashville, either permanently or just visiting, here are some of the best bars that you should definitely check out:

1.Bluebird Café
You probably have heard of Bluebird Café; it is one of the most famous bars in Nashville that has developed a reputation of nurturing singer/songwriters. Many chart-topping artists frequent Bluebird to scout songs for their records.
The cozy bar is located at a small mall downtown of Nashville, it houses up to 85 people and never runs out of drinks. It is the perfect place to relax with some friends, enjoy good drinks while watching some talented artists perform pure original music all night long.

2.Red Door Saloon
This is a fine bar that is often frequented by bikers and noise loving people. It has one of the largest and loudest jukeboxes in the whole of Nashville. They serve all types of traditional drinks but that is not the highlight of the place, Red Door Saloon has a skeleton basement that is visible through a hole on the floor of the bar-room. It is quite a sight peeping through the hole, especially if you have had a good number of drinks!

3.Fran’s East Side
If you are looking for a cool, laid back and friendly place to hang out then Fran’s East Side is your place. It is one of the oldest surviving bars, it has a number of good old fashioned entertainments to suit different guests. You can invade the karaoke station, play some darts with the bartender or just sit around and down some ice cold beer. One thing you should know about Fran’s East side is that they are old fashioned, they only accept cash so be ready.

4.The Gold Rush
People in Nashville have a habit of spending many hours sitting in bars. The Gold Rush is one place that allows you to spend some time in quite doing whatever it is that you want to do alone. You will often see people seating for over 8hrs on Sunday’s just reading the paper and doing their bills. Besides serving drinks, the bar serves some good dishes including catfish and mac and cheese. The Gold Rush is a good place to meet and catch up with some friends or even hold a small meeting.

5.Hard Rock Cafe Nashville
Of course, this list will not be complete without mentioning the Hard Rock Café Nashville. Just like the other Hard Rock Café places around the country, the Nashville franchise boasts of excellent food and high-quality drinks for all. They host live music events that often feature some leading country music greats and legends. Its location in downtown Nashville near the Music City allows it to shine and be the entertainment center of choice for all music, food and drink lovers.