Best Burgers in Nashville

Nashville has always been famous for its food scene. But in recent times, its food has been catching everyone’s attention. From Southern to haute, Nashville has something for everyone. Though Nashville’s hot chicken has attained cult status, their burger’s are definitely not to be missed. (Want to know more about Nashville – click here!)Here are the top 5 burger joints in the city.

1. The Pharmacy Burger Parlor and Beer Garden : As the name suggest its a burger joint and a beer parlor. They have a beautiful outdoor seating area. The crowd at this place speaks for itself about the popularity of this joint. Coming to the burgers, they use 100% Tennessee raised beef, fresh baked fluffy buns and make their own condiments which makes you want to go back there again and again for the burgers. True to the name, they also offer a wide range of German brews. They also have a very old school soda fountain serving root beers, shakes, phosphates and sodas. The burgers are priced between $9 to $11 with extra charges for additional toppings and cheeses.

2. Burger Up : Burger Up was founded in 2010 and has steadily risen to become one of the best burger joints in the city. Though the place is small, once you eat the food, nothing else will matter. They have modern interiors with picnic tables that make the place really attractive. They source all their meat from local farms in Tennessee and only from places that treat the animals in a humane way and practice sustainability. The patties are cooked medium, but if you want it cooked any other way you can mention it and they will do it. They offer seasonal specials and also have happy hour deals. Due to the space constraint you may have to share your table with strangers, but it is also a great way to meet new people and make new friends. The burgers are priced between $10 to $14.

3. Rotier’s : Rotier’s has been around since 1945 and that in itself should speak volumes about their food. They are famous for their award winning french bread hamburgers. They serve homemade chips with their burgers which elevate the burgers to a whole new level. They have a very retro themed interiors with neon signs and photocopied diplomas. They also have Galaga arcade game and Kools cigarette machine. What more can you ask for? Their burgers are all priced at $8.

4. Gabby’s Burgers and Fries : This is restaurant run by a family man who makes you feel like he is truly living his dream. Gabby’s uses grass fed beef which is what makes their burgers so great. They have a special taste like this is how beef should taste. They do simple and do it good. Its a very cozy place. Their burgers are delicious, but don’t stop at that. Their fries and shakes are also perfect. This is one place you would definitely go back to again and again. The burgers are priced between $6.74 to $10.

5. Husk : Husk, Nashville is the latest branch of award winning chef Sean Brock’s Husk. Although this is restaurant and not just a burger joint, They have a perfect a cheeseburger which makes in pertinent that this place be added in the list of best burgers in Nashville. The burger is flawless with sesame bun and perfect condiments. Husk sources all their ingredients locally. The restaurant is located in a 19th century building which has been remodeled carefully to retain its antique look. Dining here would be an experience in itself.

I hope this list was helpful in deciding from where to get your burgers in Nashville. If you can’t decide and are still confused, I suggest you try all of them as they really are worth it.