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Best Hospitals in Nashville

We have so many top quality hospitals in the US. Best hospitals implies hospitals with great services and features such as patient survival rates, number of patients’ visitations, the nurse and physicians staffing and quality, beds amongst others. Nashville, the capital and largest city in the state of Tennessee is not left out of fantastic hospitals, this article explores the 5 best hospitals in Nashville. (More great info on Nashville).

Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Unarguably one of the one of the best hospital in Nashville, nationally recognised for a long reputation of excellence through its multiple specialties and surgical operations. It has a total of 1019 beds and regarded fourth best in paediatric urology, the tenth in nephrology and urology for the adult section in the region.

It is highly regarded for its ground-breaking efforts in electronic medical records system. It is a teaching hospital and a private medical center affiliated to the Vanderbilt University. It was founded in 1874 and accredited by JCAHO.
Tel – +615-322-5000

Saint Thomas West Hospital

It operates both general and medical health operations. It is a private care provider and non-profit medical center with JCAHO accreditation. Its regional health care system consists of 9 hospitals and has networks of affiliated joint ventures in diagnostic, ambulatory, cardiac services and surgeries.

They provide adults special and quality health care. They are a member of Saint Thomas health and Ascension, the largest catholic and non-profit health care provider. It has about 541 beds and was founded in 1898. Ranked in high when it comes to heart bypass surgeries and hip replacement.
Tel – +1 615-222-2111

The Memphis’ Baptist Memorial Hospital

It was opened in 1979, locatedon the Baptist Memphis campus. Its emergency department has 54 treatment suites staffed by 24-hour-a-day emergency doctors for adult treatment and have a dedicated 5 room paediatric treatment area staffed constantly with in-house paediatric emergency doctors.

The hospital is a 706-bed capacity medical center. It was recently named one of the top 100 hospitals’ Performance Improvement Leaders by Thomas Reuters, global health care information provider.
Tel – +1 901-226-5000

CHI Memorial hospital In Chattanooga

A general medical and surgical hospital equipped with 405 beds. The hospital have conducted about 10,959 inpatient and 11,202 outpatient surgeries so far and had a total of 24,442 admissions. The hospital is rated 3rd best regional hospital in Tennessee by, a ranking websites dedicated to ranking hospitals in the United States and one of the high performing hospitals in adult procedures.

The hospital is the first in Chattanooga region to offer MitraClip – a ground-breaking technology for people suffering from mitral valve regurgitation but is too high risk for surgical valve replacement of repair.
Tel – (423) 495 -2525

Tristar Centennial Medical Center

This hospital has up to 650 beds and the doctors are always busy working as they have large number of visitors. They conduct both general medicine and surgical operations. They are known to exhibit great care while attending to patients with super nurses and caring doctors.

Its physicians has performed 8378 inpatient and 1276 outpatient surgeries so far and ranked the 8th best regional hospital in Tennessee by a website dedicated to ranking best hospitals in the US. It was founded in 1921.
Tel -+1 615-342-1000