Best Music Venues in Nashville

Nashville… oh my Nashville, what is Nashville without its music and sound, a city buried in the heart of music, and NO! this is not the usual irony like where you call a really fat guy tiny, no my friend this is the reality of this beautiful city. If you are in Nashville or planning to come around any time soon then you should prepare to be blown away by the music this city offers. Not to sound cocky please permit me because i am simply overwhelmed whenever this particular topic comes up, i hope you understand. now let me show you.  Find out more Music City info here

In this city you can listen to music for almost free, what it takes is just probably your cold beer and a little tip to appreciate the bands entertaining you with full vigor. Come-on you know you just have to support the boys, but the if you really have the determination or flare to listen to music uninterrupted then watch the space below because i am about to make you discover some great venues, don’t worry don’t thank me at least i’m glad you came around this blog seeking this information. hehe! now lets get to business.

Now for your fully staged shows and Best music venues in Nashville i will list them in no particular order-

SOBRO — Cannery Ballroom
This particular venue has enough space when compared to its contemporaries and that of-course includes High Watt and also Mercy lounge. this particular venue from time past and till now has hosted from wedding receptions (at least cheer up, we know you wouldn’t be the one funding it, her parents will) to concerts and most events that you can think of. And oh! did i mention the Cavernous room? that was where we were once introduced to some amazing music acts– lips sealed. you had better found out yourself. find them here — 2208 Elliston Pl, Nashville, TN 37203

Five Points — The 5 Spot The 5 spot is after my own heart because here you get a lot of cheap drinks (oh don’t judge), a lot of bands also love to circle in here a lot and people that watch that watch television and can really observe well will notice this place was used in many scenes for live performances by the ABC TV show Nashville. find them here — 1006, forest avenue Nashville , TN 37206

South Nashville — Santa’s Pub This is a little different from what is obtainable in the aforementioned venues, here in Santa’s pub you create the entertainment yourself (no kidding). You can dance as much as you want and also its a great karaoke spot which also means you can sing away your sorrows or just for plain fun and no music acts in line to disturb you! well…. except that everybody is waiting for their turn too.find them here — 2225, Bransford Ave, Nashville, TN 35

Marathon Village — Marathon Music Works Almost like the name sounds, this has a 1500 capacity and is ideal for touring bands that can not be accommodated by the small club venues. And before i forget! most shows played here are mostly general admissions so do come prepared to make new friends too. find them here — 1402, Clinton street Nashville, TN 37203

The Gulch — Station Inn This place works like magic, if you do need a place to relive memories and listen to traditional banjo music then this is the right place, and funny enough smoking hasn’t been allowed for a very long time now inside the inn but still the stains on the chairs as a result of Marlboro’s smoked by fans from way back, the old timers.. to me this kind of venue triggers a lot of memories. And please do remember one thing.. Sundays are for blue grass No Cover Music night so come with an instrument and join the party. find them here — 402 12th Ave S,TN 37203

I carefully hand picked these for you and trust me you wont go wrong with them, there are several others like The Sutler in Melrose and the Stone Fox in west Nashville.please do enjoy your time in Nashville! and take your time to simmer the Best music venues in Nashville .