Best Outdoor Parks in Nashville

Also known as the Athens of the South, Nashville is a vibrant city with a scenic cityscape. Famously associated with country music, the city attracts hoards of tourists who mostly come to watch the live musical shows. If you ever find yourself in this incredible city, you don’t have worry about not being able to catch a moment with nature. Nashville offers a variety of outdoor parks. No matter where you are within the city limits, you can always find you way to one of these parks. They provide great spaces for relaxation, picnics, hikes among other activities.Here’s a list of some of these parks. Each park comes packed with something of its own to offer.  Other parks in Nashville, TN

1. CENTENNIAL PARK – Being home to the Parthenon replica, this park is the largest in the city. It offers the perfect spot to take lunch breaks from the office seeing it’s located right in the middle of the city’s hassle. A visit to the park may also prove to be a little educational thanks to the Parthenon. From the best of food and music to great picnic and exercise spaces, the park has an excellent package to offer. It even has duck ponds which are pretty exciting for children to watch. It homes several of the city’s festivals and concerts every now and then. If you have a frees bee, take it out to this park for a bit of fun.

2. THE WARNER PARKS – If you’re looking for to get your training shoes on for a little cardio, the Percy and Edwin Warner parks are the parks for you. Both are lined with easy access interconnected trails great for hikes and runs. Packed with beautiful trees and landscapes, they give you a feel of tranquility. The Warner parks are the city’s athletic hot spots. Better still, musicians convene in the Percy Warner park from time to time for a musical feast. That is definitely something you’d want to be a part of.

3. BICENTENNIAL CAPITAL MALL STATE PARK – Tickling with Nashville’s history, a walk through the park is both educational and calming. The fountains within it make it pretty exciting for kids while adding to its aesthetics. With events, picnics and food, it is a rather exciting place to be.

4. SEVIER PARK – Quiet, convenient and scenic is the best way one can describe this park. Located within a neighbourhood, it is a lovely place to take a walk. With nicely laid benches and lawns, it makes it possible for you close your eyes and chill for a bit. It has a playground and a creek within its vicinity. Did I mention it has food store nearby? Hunger won’t be a problem while you take your stroll here.

5. CUMBERLAND PARK – Popular among Nashvillians, it is one of the new parks in the city. You can never go short of things to do while here. It has an amphitheatre for outdoor performances, a rock climbing wall and waterfronts. A picnic here would be a delight, especially if it involves the whole family. Not only is it fun packed, it also has food trucks that serve up munchies in case you want to grab a bite.
Ultimately, Nashville has its fair share of outdoor parks. Other than the few mentioned above, there are quite a number of other such spaces that let you kick off your boots once in a while.