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Should Peyton Manning See a Chiropractor?

When watching Peyton Manning play football, it was clear he is suffering from both pain and range of motion issues with his neck. I observed him on video a few weeks ago and saw that he couldn’t turn his neck unless he turns his shoulders and upper body.  He simply could not move his neck independently of the rest of his body. Peyton Manning Neck Fusion Surgery: Peyton Manning This…

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Low Back Pain Reduction Desk Jobs

A recent study has shown a reduction in musculoskeletal pain in workplaces that promote activity. The musculoskeletal pain we most frequently hear about or encounter is lower back pain. Others are pain resulting from stress fractures and tendinitis. About Musculoskeletal Pain: Causes Musculoskeletal pain can affect anyone, yet predominantly occurs due to some form of injury or damage to the ligaments, bones, tendons, etc. Common causes of damage include abrupt…

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News Health Tips and Commentary from our Chiropractors

Welcome to our blog. We hope you find valuable information here. Our lead chiropractor at Action Spine & Joint loves to write and has even composed two best-selling books. This blog will be a compilation of advice and compelling commentary all geared to increase your knowledge and help you reach your health goals. After all, our goal is to get you to be free of any pain. Other chiropractors may…

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