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Low Back Pain Treatment

Spinal Specialists Treat Low Back Pain in Nashville

About Low Back Pain

Low back pain at its worst can be debilitating. At a minimum low back pain interferes with joy experienced within daily activities. Knowing what causes your low back pain can be complex. Seeing a spinal specialist is the first step to healing and reaching a pain-free state. Low back pain can result from a herniated or degenerative disc. Nerves going to your legs or supply your lower back can be inflamed or irritated. In some cases the pain is related to bone, ligament, or joint injuries. Identifying the source of the pain is definitely the first step to healing and establishing a customized treatment plan. Spinal specialists are trained in treating all conditions of the spine. Dr. Bearden has more than 20 years’ experience in helping to relieve low back pain by treating the source of the pain.

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