Must See Attractions in Nashville

Nashville is one of the best cities in Tennessee. This is partly due to the fact that there is just so much to do in this city. No matter how hard it is to keep you entertained, there is bound to be something that you enjoy doing and you are sure to find it here. One thing is certain, there are tons of attractions in this city that are perfect for family outings. Here are a few of my favorites.

Gaylord Opryland Resort & Covention Center

A trip to the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Covention Center is like several trips in one because this place has everything. This famous hotel has 20 restaurants, boat rides and a number of indoor and outdoor swimming pools. There is something to keep just about every member of your family entertained. You can sneak away to the full service spa or the golf course while your kids play. You are surely in for a treat and your kids will have a blast.

Nashville Nightlife Dinner Theater

The Nashville Nightlife Dinner Theater is the greatest country music dinner theatre in Nashville. The live performances will include local stars like Jeannie Seely and Shotgun Red. This is also the perfect place to scout out upcoming singers as well. Plus, you have the option of participating in a meet and greet at the begging and end of each show. This is another great attraction that is perfect for the whole family.

RCA Studio B

RCA Studio B is famous because it was where Elvis Presley recorded about 200 of his hit singles. Other celebrities to have made hits at the historic RCA Studio B are Dolly Parton and Eddy Arnold. Since Nashville is often referred to as ‘Music City,’ it is easy to imagine why this place is so popular among the locals and visitors alike. You are really in for a treat.

The Johnny Cash Museum

The Johnny Cash Museum is another great Nashville attraction. This museum pays homage to life the life and work of the great Johnny Cash, who is also known as the “Man in Black.” It is located on Third Avenue, which is right in the center of Downtown Nashville. You will enjoy viewing the most comprehensive collection of authentic Johnny Cash memorabilia. This collection includes hand written letters, instruments and stage costumes that were donated by those closest to him. This tour is also great for kids so please do not hesitate to take them along.

Centennial Park

The lush green lawns of Centennial Park are the perfect place to allow your children to be children. These lawns have seen many picnics and children’s play dates. The large trees all around the park also provide a lot of shade for those sunny days.  Centennial Park also has a gorgeous jogging trail. The park is located in the center of the city and as the name suggests, was inspired by the ancient city of Greece. The replica of the Parthenon is also quite remarkable.

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