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When you’re suffering with back pain, it affects every aspect of your life. Approximately 31 million people a year experience either acute or chronic back pain requiring some form of treatment. The good news is, most times, upper and lower back pain can be treated with non-invasive chiropractic spinal relief therapies.

Impact of Spinal Pain

Though spinal pain affects different people in different ways, it undeniably reduces your quality of life. Pain in the back and spinal area disrupts many normal day-to-day activities including walking, climbing stairs, bending and lifting, standing, and sitting. Constant pain also affects your ability to focus and concentrate. If left untreated, it may even impact your mental well-being and social functioning and leave you feeling hopeless, frustrated, and depressed.

Why Choose Action Spine and Joint for Spinal Pain Relief?

The chiropractic specialists at Action Spine and Joint provide several non-invasive spinal relief treatment options for those living in Nashville, TN and surrounding areas. The treatment options we offer can help you manage your pain while improving back function. Our treatment protocols have proven effective at healing soft tissue injuries (including sprains and strains), herniated discs, and repetitive motion and overuse injuries. Options that our chiropractic specialists may use include physical therapy, chiropractic or spinal adjustments, and/or massage.

Natural Treatment for Spinal Pain Relief

While conventional medical treatment options for spinal pain relief promote the use of pain killers, muscle relaxants, steroid shots, and/or surgery, we provide you with treatment options that do not require the use of pain medications or involve invasive back surgery. You’ll work closely with a chiropractic specialist to create the treatment plan that works best for you. We’ll assess the underlying reason for your pain and create a specialized plan that naturally reduces pain while improving strength and range of motion.

Experience Improved Flexibility and Core Strength with Treatment

In addition to reducing spinal pain, chiropractic treatment can be combined with physical and massage therapy to improve your overall flexibility and core strength. Massage therapy helps you relax while improving circulation, lowering your blood pressure, and reducing pain. Physical therapy allows you to rebuild lost strength in the muscles that support your spine.

Spinal Pain Relief

The specialists at Action Spine and Joint in Nashville will work closely with you to develop a chiropractic treatment plan that provides spinal painrelief. Complementary therapies may be used in conjunction with chiropractic and spinal adjustments to realign your spine properly. Misalignment of the spine frequently puts pressure on nerves and causes soft tissues to become inflamed. A proper chiropractic treatment plan will help alleviate these issues.

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