Wendell Goodman

Over the next 18 months I went through a whole range of treatments which included medication, physical therapy, cortisone epidural and even surgery, all to no avail. I was scheduled for a second surgery to fuse the 4 vertebrae in my lower back when my wife pleaded with me not to do it due to the risk. She researched alternative solutions on line and convinced me to try Action Spine and Joint for their spinal decompression therapy that others were saying was so successful. After two months, I knew it was helping and after four months I knew I would no longer consider surgery. Today I am stabilized at about 85% with no pain medication and will continue periodic treatments to maintain it. No surgery, no hospital stay, no long recovery, no physical therapy and no worry. “If decompression doesn’t work you can always have surgery but if you have surgery you cannot always go back to decompression”. Thank you again Dr. Bearden