Why Move to Nashville?

Nashville is one of the greatest cities in the United States. It is obvious that the locals are not the only ones that feel this way since in 2015, it was ranked the 20thfastest growing city in the US. In fact, experts have approximated that in 2016, little under 100 individuals moved to Nashville each day. The statistics cannot lie. Something beautiful is attracting people to this city. I have done a little research on why so many people have moved here. Here are 5 reasons why people have been flocking to this city and why you should consider a move to Nashville.

The Music Scene

It is no secret that Nashville is often called Music City because of all the musicians in the area. Guitar players, singers and song writers are a dime a dozen here. But the real pull factor is the fact that so many of these Musicians actually make it big. Just think about Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton and how successful they were. With a reputation like that, most musicians make the move to find opportunities to become great as well. The odds appear to be in their favor since Nashville also has a high concentration of producers, studios and live music halls. That means the possibility of being discovered is fairly high.


The unemployment rate in the US is 5% but in Nashville, it is only 3.3%. This is even lower than the average for the entire state of Tennessee which has an unemployment rate of 4.5%. You are thus more likely to find a job in Nashville than in any other city in Tennessee. It is easy to understand why this is so considering the previous point highlighted regarding the booming music industry in this city. Nashville also has a high concentration if employers. In 2016, Forbes ranked the economy in Nashville as the 4th best in the country. With an economy that stable, people will continue flocking to this city with high hopes of finding a good job.

Startup Companies

As previously highlighted, the economy in Nashville is very stable and continues to expand each year. That is exactly the kind of environment that will foster the growth of a startup business. CNN even ranked Nashville as the 5th best city for you to base your startup company. Many startups have seen excellent results while based in Nashville. Some that readily come to mind are Sifted and Everly.


Nashville has been ranked the best city for travel and leisure. What exactly does this mean? Essentially, that there is always something fun for you and your family to do. This includes lot of indoor and outdoor activities as well. There are tons of sporting activities throughout the year.  The Honky Tonk Highway alone has a notable amount of entertainment options for you to choose from. Tourists even have a hard time keeping up with all the activities that will come their way.

Culinary Scene

If you are an aspiring Chef or just a foodie, Nashville will be a great place for you to settle down because the culinary scene in Nashville in incredible. Travel + Leisure ranked Nashville as the best city for foodies in 2015. And wherever there are foodies, there will also be excellent Chefs.  The local food scene has options to suit any budget. This includes cheap eats like Arnold’s and fine dining experiences like Etch.